Drag and drop file uploading with .NET 5.0 Blazor InputFile component

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One of my pet projects requires file uploading. And because I decided to create that application to be .NET 5.0 ready, it was necessary to investigate what options do we have for file uploading with .NET 5.0 Blazor applications. The first candidate to investigate is a new InputFile component, of course. So, let’s see what […]

How to call isolated JavaScript code in .NET 5.0 Blazor projects with JSObjectReference

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A dozen days ago the .NET 5.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) became available. And as you probably know, there are a lot of “treats” among the new features of the ASP.NET Core updates. One of them is Blazor JavaScript isolation with aid of JSObjectReference. Which benefits this feature give us? First of all, you do […]

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