Here I'm going to post whatever that is interesting for me. All things about programming using JavaScript and ASP.NET Core. And something else.

A blog about ASP.Net Core and JavaScript

Roman Simuta

Hello. My name is Roman Simuta. I'm a former mechanical engineer, teacher, and scientist. Now I'm a programmer. At least I assume I am :-).

IT technologies

My programming expertise lies both in back-end and front-end technologies. At the moment my choice is:

  • ASP.Net Core used both for front-end and back-end.
  • HTML5 with CSS and JavaScript for front-end.
  • React as the library for single page applications.
  • NodeJS, Webpack, etc. as the additional building tools.

Background and current position

I was the senior lecturer at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnical Institute" for more than 7 years. Before this, I worked as the Chief of the Laboratory of virtual educational facilities at the same university. Also, between those two positions, almost three years I was the Chief Engineer at the event management company. 

My IT expertise includes 3 years at bpm'online as a Senior SDK DeveloperCurrently, I'm working as a software developer in Luxoft.